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Children’s Classes

Looking for a way to get your little one movin’ and groovin’? Show Tyme Academy’s children’s classes are the way to go! They’ll learn the fundamentals of dance, rhythm, and the mind-body connection, all in fun and upbeat ways!

Tiny Dancers
(Ages 2-3): For those little ones just starting to move, Show Tyme’s youngest class will introduce them to the wonders of movement and all the fascinating things they can do with it
Broadway Bound

(Ages 4-6): For those extra spirited little ones who are always on the move, this exciting class will be sure to tire them out! Featuring Jazz and Tap technique training, plus dance fun and games!

Tiny Ballerinas

(Ages 4-6, Levels 1 & 2): The perfect class for parents wondering whether or not dance is for their kids. Ballet introduction with basic fundamentals mixed with imagination and creativity.

Recreational Classes

The best way for your child to learn ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and more, Show Tyme Academy’s recreational dance classes will set them up for success not just in the performance world, but in life!


(Levels 1-8)

A dance form commonly recognized for it’s precise and highly formalized steps and gestures. Classes are taught both on and off pointe, at the discretion of our dance instructors.


(Levels 1-8)

Consisting of jumps, turns, flexibility, conditioning and basic acrobatics, Show Tyme’s Jazz classes are fun, upbeat, and are guaranteed to keep your child engaged while improving their skill level.


(Levels 1-8)

A rhythmic and percussive dance style, tap is a fantastic way to get into the dance world. Show Tyme’s tap classes are sure to get anyone’s toes tapping!


(Levels 3-8)

Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and focus on floor work and organic movement.

Hip Hop

(Levels 1-8)

Hip-Hop is a fun and upbeat style that celebrates urban movement and multiple dance genres and cultures. Teachers use current music and accessible choreography to get kids moving. Hip Hop unites its participants with its easy-going and fun vibe.


(Levels Beginner-Advanced)

From forward rolls and cartwheels to backhand springs and aerials, dancers will learn to master a variety of tricks and skills in their Tumbling class. 


(Levels 1-2)

Pom is a style that borrows from jazz and hip hop techniques, with its own unique spin. Dancers us pom poms to create interesting visuals, while keeping their movement sharp, clean and sassy. Show Tyme Academy’s pom classes are a great way for dancers to prep for high school and collegiate level dance teams.

Private Instruction/Coaching

(Grades 6-12)

One-on-one technique instruction is available in half-hour slots. Private lessons can be specialized in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, tap, or audition prep.

Theatre &Music

Taught by world-traveled acting and music professionals, Show Tyme Academy’s acting, singing and piano classes introduce students to Shakespeare, musical theatre, classical and pop music, improv theatre, stage combat, film/tv acting, and more!

Musical Theatre

(Levels 1-2)

Featuring voice and acting instruction, this 2-for-1 class culminates in performances in both the fall and spring complete with laughs, spotlight, and beautiful melodies!!

Private Acting Instruction/Coaching

(Grades 3-12)

Private acting instruction is available for script analysis, character development, audition technique/prep, film and television styles, and improvisation.

Private Piano Instruction

(Ages 5+)

Private piano instruction is available for those with a musical interest. Piano instruction will help with learning to read music and developing hand-eye coordination. Email to inquire today!  

Private Vocal Instruction

(Grades 3+)

Private vocal instruction is a great way to learn the importance of finding your healthiest voice. Vocal lessons focus on vocal technique, learning repertoire, and performance building. Lessons available to all levels of singers.


Show Tyme Academy is on the cutting edge of offering new and exciting programming! Our performance and competition teams, Show Tyme Company, has traveled across the United States, earning honors from Los Angeles to New York City. Our S.T.A.G.E. program offers advanced dancers with career intent a setting that prepares students for the professional company experience. danceABLE, Missoula’s only all-abilities dance class, is taught by specially trained professionals and is an incredible way to have your school-aged child get involved and shine in their own spotlight! Other new and exciting opportunities are always on the horizon, too

Show Tyme Company
Show Tyme Academy offers two different levels of performance groups. Selected based on effort, dedication, talent, leadership, and love of performing. Company members represent Show Tyme Academy both in Missoula and abroad.
Show Tyme Academy Guided Education

A Program that prepares advanced dancers, with career intent, for the professional company experience. Learn more today!!


Show Tyme Academy is SO proud of our danceABLE program, which is specifically formatted for K-12 students of ALL abilities. Our lead danceABLE instructor has trained with America’s foremost all abilities dance company, AXIS Dance, and in conjuncture with other training, built danceABLE to provide Missoula-area kids a platform on which to build confidence, creativity, stamina, strength…and a place to shine! 

Adult Sessions

Parents and adults need excellent class options too! Offered on a rotating, 6- week session basis, Show Tyme Academy has adult tap, ballet, and hip-hop/pop options that offer cardio health, socialization, and technique training in a drop-in, low-pressure way.

Adult Class session schedule will be released soon! 




"MOST AMAZING DANCE STUDIO IN MISSOULA by far!! <3 Great culture, great education and great atmosphere."

Christine Baldwin

"My daughter has been attending Show Tyme for 2 years. She started dancing there when she was 2. The owners Christine and Alex are incredible. They are very knowledgable, hard working, and extremely talented. Missoula is so lucky to have them. Our experience with the other older more experienced dancers at this studio has been nothing but positive. They are kind, respectful, and go out of their way to mentor and encourage the tinniest dancers. The teachers make dancing fun and help the children feel at ease while helping them learn skills. The end of the year performance is also spectacular. They do an amazing job with costumes, choreography, and put on an amazing show. I have never had a negative experience."

Sara Momola

"My daughter and I both take dance lessons here from super friendly staff in a great environment with reasonable prices. I highly recommend Show Tyme for a good work out or if you have aspirations of becoming a seasoned dancer. They also have a wonderful photographer on site!"

Tiffany Susan


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